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Take part in our research

Patients and healthy volunteers

We need both healthy volunteers and those who have a spinal cord injury to take part in our clinical studies from time to time.

If you wish to volunteer to take part in our research, please send a message to anastasia.shulga at, and if a suitable study arises, we will contact you for more details. As we are based in Helsinki, to take part in the research, you must be able to make regular  visits to our laboratory. Healthy volunteers typically participate in few sessions, while patients usually visit the laboratory 3 times per week (5 times per week during first 2 weeks) for several weeks, depending the on the study.


Contacting us does not guarantee a part in the research, nor does it obligate you to take part even if selected as a suitable candidate. You will receive further information and can still decide if you want to take part.

Our research is fully supported by the Helsinki University Hospitals ethical committee.

Please email

anastasia.shulga at

if you have suggestions on what kind of information about our project would you like to be available on this website.


Mats Vuorenjuuri/Unikuva

Hospitals and research groups


We are happy to collaborate with other research groups and hospitals, and openly share our methodology to interested counterparts. There are no patents associated with this method. If you are interested in adapting and further developing this method, or in other form of collaboration, please contact Anastasia Shulga, anastasia.shulga at

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